Bread crumbs in a wooden bowl
Where To Look For Bread Crumbs In Your Grocery Store
Whether you're trying to whip up an easy chicken parmesan or make a crunchy topping for baked mac and cheese, having a box of bread crumbs handy is essential.
However, finding them at the grocery store can sometimes be challenging because not all stores have a huge area dedicated to bread crumbs.
Your best bet is to head over to the baking aisle and look around for other products like boxed baking mixes, flour, or cornmeal, and you might find bread crumbs nearby.
If you don’t find any in the baking aisle, another logical place for bread crumbs is the bread aisle. The boxes should stand out against the shelves lined with loaves.
If that search proves fruitless, try the aisle where spices are stocked. If you don’t have any luck there, head over to the pasta aisle.