Tuna in a can and on a plate.
When To Utilize Canned Tuna In Oil Over Water And Vice Versa

At any grocery store, you can choose between tuna packed in water or tuna packed in oil. There are certain dishes where it makes sense to use one over the other.

If you enjoy your tuna with little to no mix-ins, you should go for oil-packed tuna. If you'll be flavoring your tinned fish, reach for water-packed.

Use oil-packed tuna for topping salads, crackers, and breads. It is also the best choice when making pasta dishes. It's even delicious when eaten with a fork right out of the can.

Water-packed tuna is the best choice for many tuna dishes, such as tuna salad, melts, and casseroles. These dishes utilize tuna that gets mixed with creamy ingredients.