Bottled and fresh lemon juice
When To Use Bottled Lemon Juice Over Fresh
Lemon juice is a versatile ingredient, adding brightness and acidity to various dishes. Choosing between bottled and fresh can make a big difference in the finished result.
Flavorwise, fresh lemon juice is usually preferred to bottled, making it the best option for raw applications, such as vinaigrettes, seafood, lemony glazes, and fresh lemon drinks.
Bottled lemon juice is ideal for making jam and cooked condiments due to its consistent level of acidity, which can be key to achieving the correct texture in the finished result.
Additionally, after cooking, fresh and bottled juice are hard to tell apart, meaning that your lemon curd can be made with solely bottled lemon juice without impacting its flavor.
While convenient, bottled lemon juice can contain additives and preservatives, affecting its quality, and adding to the case for using fresh when the lemon taste is prominent.