Sparkling water being poured into a glass
When To Drink Seltzer Vs. Club Soda Vs. Sparkling Water
Seltzer, club soda, and sparkling water are three slightly different carbonated variations of water, and they all have their time and place in the kitchen, bar, and dining table.
Seltzer is the most basic form of carbonated water. It’s merely regular H20 with externally added carbon dioxide to create bubbles.
Club soda is almost the same as
seltzer with additional alkaline minerals added. This makes the bubbles feel smoother because the electrolytes counteract carbonic acid.
Sparkling water has similar minerals as club soda but they occur naturally through springs found in the wild, which is why you'll see bottles labeled as "mineral water."
The lack of additions means that seltzer is a blank slate of possibilities. This is why it's common to see flavored seltzer since there are no additional tastes getting in the way.
Some brands of club soda deliberately mix their minerals for optimum use as an alcohol mixer. It's probably best to leave the natural flavor of sparkling water on its own.