a opened can of whole puree tomatoes in a black pan
When To Buy Whole Canned Tomatoes In Juice Vs Puree
Canned tomatoes are convenient when fresh tomatoes are unavailable; however, the variety of options, like diced, whole, or packed in juice or puree, can be overwhelming.
Puree-packed tomatoes provide a rich flavor, while juice-packed tomatoes offer a bright, light option. The main difference lies in their texture and suitability for certain dishes.
Puree-packed tomatoes offer a thicker texture and deeper flavor, which is ideal for richer sauces like simmered meatball recipes.
When you only want tomatoes and not the liquid, juice-packed whole tomatoes are great since the juice is easier to separate from the tomatoes than the puree.
Juice-packed tomatoes are also preferable for lighter dishes, like a tomato and basil sauce. If your canned tomatoes lack flavor, add ingredients like garlic, onion, and sugar.