Sushi in chopsticks.
When Is It Improper Etiquette To Eat Sushi With Chopsticks?

When eating with a knife and fork, you should follow restaurant etiquette, but if you're in a Japanese sushi restaurant and using chopsticks, there’s a new set of rules.

Only sashimi requires chopsticks, according to tradition. Certain other types of sushi should be eaten by hand, as it is considered bad etiquette to handle them with chopsticks.

Nigiri, or slices of raw fish placed atop balls of rice, is a hand-held sushi. Using chopsticks is not recommended with nigiri, as the delicately-packed rice will fall apart when pinched.

Use your hand to gently pick up a piece of nigiri and dip it into soy sauce. Handle it carefully, keep the fish side facing down, and eat the piece in one or two bites.

Sushi rolls, or maki, consist of fish and other ingredients rolled up in rice, often with an outer wrapping of nori seaweed. All are appropriate to eat with one's hands.