Chicken broth in bowl.
What's The Distinction Between Broth And Consommé?

Few foods are as warm and comforting as a steaming bowl of broth or consommé. They both have similar attributes and ingredients, but they diverge in significant ways.

A broth includes water and a primary ingredient that’s simmered gently to extract flavor into the water. Broth is a base for soups and gravies and is rarely consumed on its own.

Broths employ cold water, seasonings, vegetables, and meat or fish. The ingredients boil and then simmer at a reduced heat for up to four hours.

Consommé is generally a standalone soup often served at the beginning of a meal. It begins with an existing bone broth or stock that’s typically homemade.

Consommé is usually clear, as it goes through a detailed process of clarification, leaving a richly flavored, filtered soup that's ready to eat.