purple sweet potatoes
What's The Difference Between An Ube And Purple Sweet Potato?

Ube is a unique, sweet, deep-purple tuber that’s often thought of as just another word for a purple sweet potato. While they share many similarities, they’re completely different.

They both have a natural, earthy flavor, but purple sweet potatoes are mildly sweet and sometimes floral, while ube tends to be rich and nutty with a slight vanilla flavor.

Flavor isn't the only subtle distinction between ube (technically purple yams) and purple sweet potatoes. Their appearance, texture, and nutritional makeup are slightly different.

Ube has a pleasant aroma that's often described as similar to vanilla or coconut. This subtly sweet scent contributes to the unique notes of flavor found in each bite of ube.

Ube is one of the Philippines' most plentiful crops. It's native to Southeast Asia and is most often found in Filipino cuisine, but it’s also becoming more popular here in the U.S.

It’s used in many Filipino sweets since its mildly sweet flavor balances baked goods and desserts. It pairs well with coconut, fruit, and savory ingredients like cheese and rice.