A dish of cooked red rice
What's Red Rice And How Do You Cook With It?
Red rice is a whole grain rice with a distinctive ruby hue. Compared to the more familiar white rice, red rice represents a nutritious and flavorsome option with a robust texture.
Grain size, shape, color, and flavor differ across the many red rice variants worldwide. Two of the most commonly cultivated types are weedy Asian red rice and African red rice.
The rice’s color comes from anthocyanins, which also offer anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. Unlike white rice, it retains its bran, making it a good source of fiber.
Red rice needs more water and a longer cooking time than white rice, with exact measurements depending on the variety. To ensure even cooking, resist the urge to stir the pot.
From a nutty pilaf to a vibrant salad, red rice’s versatility allows for creative substitutions in your go-to rice dishes while boosting nutrition and adding a colorful hue.