Slices of watermelon in the sunshine
What To Do When There's A Crack On The Inside Of Your Watermelon
Cutting into a watermelon to discover a crack is not a cause for alarm. Known as "hollow heart," this condition results from uneven pollination during the fruit's growth.
Watermelons with cracks inside are safe to eat and might even be sweeter due to concentrated sugars around the fissure. These cracks do not indicate any rot or disease.
While delicious, a cracked melon may be harder to cut into uniform pieces. Instead, scoop out the flesh with a spoon, slice it into half-moons, or juice it for a refreshing drink.
Hollow heart watermelons are well-suited to being used as an ingredient. For example, use it to create a zesty salsa, blend it into smoothies, or make a refreshing gazpacho.