A caipirinha
What Sets Caipirinha And Caipiroska Cocktails Apart?
The iconic Brazilian caipirinha cocktail, reportedly invented in 1918, is based on the sugar cane liquor, cachaça, while its younger cousin, the caipiroska, is made with vodka.
The caipiroska, also referred to as caipirovska, has recently emerged as a favorite not just in Brazil, but also in other South American countries like Uruguay and Argentina.
Blending both cocktails begins with muddling lime and sugar in a glass, then adding ice, followed by two ounces of the chosen alcohol. Caipirinhas should be mixed by stirring.
For caipiroskas, shaking is recommended, making the ideal mixing method another factor that sets the two cocktails apart. Lime slices can be added as a garnish if desired.
There are variations of the two cocktails. Alternative caipirinhas include blueberry, pineapple, fig, and ginger, while caipiroska variants are made with mango and strawberry.