Hand hopening a bottle of zero sugar citrus medley Clearly Canadian sparkling water
What Puts Clearly Canadian Apart From Other Sparkling Waters

Clearly Canadian differentiates itself by using uncommon ingredients such as cane sugar and citric acid, sourcing natural water, and introducing a slew of new products.

The company has joined its competitors in the two newest iterations of Clearly Canadian water products by offering flavored sparkling waters with no added sweeteners.

Clearly Canadian Essence features natural vegan flavors, including Limon and Grapefruit. Clearly Canadian Zero Sugar includes flavors like Fresh Cherry and Tropical Splash.

Clearly Canadian taps into clear natural springs, with the Essence line for 2023 tapping into an aquifer in the protected Canadian wilderness to bottle the drinks at the source.

Another distinction is Clearly Canadian’s teardrop-shaped glass bottle, embodying their commitment to recycling, lowered energy costs, and pure flavor retention.