A hand dipping Cheesecake Factory's eggrolls into a green sauce
What Most People Are Not Aware About Cheesecake Factory Sauces

Fans of Cheesecake Factory may not know that they can purchase their favorite sauces and dressings directly from the restaurant and recreate their favorite dishes at home.

Although it’s not on the menu and you can’t order the items online, individual locations will sell containers of salad dressings, sauces, and condiments if you ask.

Depending on the sauce, Cheesecake Factory will sell entire pints of their recipes for $7 to $12 each. Roughly 35 of their sauces can be purchased, depending on availability.

Each location prepares sauces according to demand, so customers should call their local Cheesecake Factory ahead of time to see which sauces are available.