A Texas-style sheet cake.
What Makes Texas-Style Sheet Cake Distinct From Normal?

One of the most beloved incarnations of the sheet cake is the Texas sheet cake, but it looks a bit different from the rest.

Traditional sheet cakes are made in a 9x13 dish, but a Texas sheet cake is often made with a jelly roll pan that measures 10x15 inches or an even longer 12x18-inch sheet pan.

The pans allow for a short baking time and a thin but still decadent cake. A rich chocolate frosting is applied to the still-warm cake, melting into the surface with a glossy finish.

The final touch is a scattering of nuts, resulting in a dessert that looks more like a nutty glazed brownie rather than a chocolate cake.

The texture of the Texas sheet cake is different due to how quickly it bakes in the shallow pan. The cake is sweet, so thinner servings make for a more palatable experience.