A wagyu steak on a dark piece of stone
What Makes A5 Wagyu Steak So Luxurious?
Beef from Japan's prized Wagyu cattle comes in varying qualities. A5 Wagyu steaks have been awarded the highest possible grade by the Japanese Meat Grading Association (JMGA).
The JMGA uses an 'A' to indicate a high percentage of desirable cuts from a given cow and '5' to signal top quality meat. Gradings are akin to the USDA terms “prime” and “choice."
Meat that is graded ‘5’ is of highest quality in terms of color, texture, and marbling. The ultra-fine marbling seen in A5 Wagyu is present in less than 1% of all Japanese steaks.
A5 Wagyu steak’s characteristics translate into a unique buttery texture and umami flavor which, along with their rarity, explains why the meat can cost over $100 per pound.
The steak's delicate properties call for specialist cooking methods. A5 Wagyu is salted for 1-3 hours, then cooked straight from the fridge by searing in a preheated skillet.