Whole roasted chicken on a plate with potatoes and carrots
What It Signifies To Bake Vs. Roast Food In The Oven
Two of the most common cooking techniques — baking and roasting — are so similar they’re essentially the same, but their main difference boils down to a change in temperature.
Both baking and roasting can be summarized as “heating food up in the oven,” but baking usually uses a medium heat of around 375 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
Meanwhile, roasting denotes a higher heat above 400 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the type of food being cooked may also merit a designation of baking versus roasting.
These cooking methods weren't always the same, as explained by their origins: roasting once took place over an open flame, while baking took place in a clay or brick oven.
Thus, “roasting” is used for meats and veggies that would have been cooked over a fire in past centuries, while “baking” is used for doughs and batters that are cooked in an oven.
For an old-fashioned roasted flavor in your food, try using the “convection” oven setting, which will circulate hot air around all sides, much like spinning meat over an open fire.