What Is XXXX Beer And Is It Related To Dos Equis?

One of the most popular beers in Australia is XXXX beer, which is pronounced "four-ex." It is a local beer made in Queensland by the brew company Castlemaine Perkins.

XXXX Gold, the most popular variety, is slightly hoppy with hints of sweet malt. None of XXXX's products are potent, and Gold ranks lower in alcohol content than most lagers.

While their logos are strikingly similar, XXXX beers are not related to the Mexican-made Dos Equis beer, nor does the same company produce them.

However, the two brands share some similarities, as they both specialize in selling slightly hoppy lagers that are not too alcoholic.

As of now, all of the company's official retailers only stock XXXX beers in their home country, making it nearly impossible to obtain unless you're visiting Australia.