Tobiko on a sushi roll held in chopsticks
What Is Tobiko, The Colorful Japanese Sushi Topper?
The Japanese sushi topper, tobiko, is made from the roe of flying fish. Known for its vibrant colors and crunchy texture, tobiko adds visual and sensory delight to sushi dishes.
Unlike other roe, tobiko comes from a single species of flying fish found in the West Indies and North Atlantic. The eggs are cleaned and salt cured, before coloring and flavoring.
Natural ingredients are used to dye and flavor tobiko. For example, beetroots or chilies can turn tobiko red, with the former giving a sweet flavor and the latter a spicy kick.
Yuzu tobiko has a citrus ginger flavor, while wasabi tobiko is green and pungent. Black tobiko is infused with squid ink, and the classic orange version has a simple saline tang.
Adding tobiko to sushi is an art, as it must complement the sushi ingredients and balance flavors and textures. It's commonly used on both cut and rolled sushi.
Tobiko not only enhances taste, but it also brings a vibrant splash of color and texture, inviting sushi lovers to dive into the delicious cuisine.