Temaki sushi with salmon
What Is Temaki And How Do You Eat It?
Temaki sushi is made by wrapping nori, or seaweed, around rice and fillings like raw or cooked fish, vegetables, or a sweet omelet into a cone shape.
Unlike nigiri and maki sushi, temaki is hand-rolled and usually eaten with your hands. As chopsticks are not required, temaki is an easy way to sample this classic Japanese food.
Temaki's name means "hand roll sushi" in Japanese. The origins of this on-the-go snack are unclear; some claim it's a 1970s creation, while others date it back to the 19th century.
It's best to eat temaki soon after it's made so that the nori is still crispy. Add soy sauce, wasabi, or pickled ginger to the rice and toppings for a more intense flavor.
A gratifying and hands-on experience, eating temaki is free from the intricate etiquette often associated with Japanese food: just pick it up, take a bite from the top, and enjoy.