Spotted dick with custard
What Is Spotted Dick And How Did It Get Its Name?
Spotted dick, a beloved British dessert, caught food-lovers’ attention when it was featured on "The Great British Bake-Off." Its name often triggers a few giggles.
In Britain, “pudding” means dessert, so spotted dick, with its dense, cakey texture, is described as a pudding. It's usually served with warm runny custard or ice cream.
Spotted dick is flavored with currants and lemon and is cooked by steaming the batter in a special mold. It also contains suet, a hard animal fat, which gives it its heaviness.
As for its amusing name, “spotted” refers to the dried fruit content, while “dick” is a shortening of “puddick,” a 19th century English word for pudding, and a synonym for “dough.”
Back then “dick” and “dog” were interchangeable. In Scotland, it's still known as “spotted dog pudding,” and in Ireland, a type of soda bread with currants is called “spotted dog.”
Today, you might see “Spotted Richard” on menus, a playful, formal alternative to the original name, catering to those who are hesitant to use the word "dick" in a formal setting.