New-Haven style pizza pie.
What Is New Haven-Style Pizza, And Why Is It Called 'Apizza'?

You may not be familiar with New Haven-style pizza or "apizza" (pronounced "ah-beetz"). From New Haven, Connecticut, this style of pizza gives others a run for their money.

Distinguished by a crispy yet chewy, expertly charred crust and a lack of mozzarella cheese, New Haven pies use sturdier bread flour to keep the slices from collapsing.

New Haven pizza is baked in the same type of oven as Neapolitan pizza but further away from the heat. The pies cook at around 600 to 650 degrees Fahrenheit for five to 12 minutes.

The classic toppings for apizza are crushed Italian tomatoes, Pecorino Romano cheese, and olive oil, but you can also add sausage, white clams with bacon, and vegetables.

The name "apizza" is a nod to the dialect of Italian immigrants who settled in New Haven. While other areas moved on to "pizza," New Haven has held on to their roots.

The style may have been born in Connecticut, but New Haven pizza is becoming more popular. Traveling pizza connoisseurs have spread the word of this phenomenal style of pizza.