Eggs Florentine photographed from above
What Is Eggs Florentine, And How Is It Different From Eggs Benedict?
Eggs Florentine and eggs Benedict are brunch favorites that share a similar foundation of simple, lucious ingredients. Eggs Florentine is defined by the inclusion of spinach.
The classic version of eggs Benedict typically features poached eggs and Canadian bacon perched on a toasted English muffin and topped with plenty of creamy hollandaise sauce.
In contrast, eggs Florentine is typically meat-free although it can include prosciutto. Alongside its signature sautéed baby spinach, the dish may incorporate chives or tomatoes.
Eggs Benedict’s origins lie in New York, while eggs Florentine has ties to 16th-century Italian royalty through Florentine Catherine de Medici, who had a passion for spinach.
Today’s versions offer room for personalization, but the hallmark of eggs Florentine remains its layer of fresh spinach and creamy sauce, either hollandaise or mornay.