Couple preparing food with a variety of ingredients
What Is Chaos Cooking And What Does It Appear Like In Home Kitchens?
The term chaos cooking was coined in the fall of 2022 when the trend was first reported, and it means fusing ingredients that don't usually belong together for something delicious.
Chaos cooking is different from fusion cuisine, the idea of which originated in the 1980s with chefs like Wolfgang Puck wanting to experiment by combining food cultures.
However, even pairing mismatched food cultures, like Japanese-Mexican food, still left chefs feeling constrained. At this point, fusion cuisine has become the status quo.
Chefs are now into tossing the rulebook and being culinary disruptors as opposed to visionaries. Chaos cooking is more about ingredients and less about cultures and traditions.
Bringing chaos cooking into the kitchen is about creativity and blending flavors you love. Your kitchen will act as a blank canvas if you're confident with your cooking techniques.
Many foods were deemed bizarre upon introduction, but now it's hip to be quirky with food, so go ahead and add some fried chicken to your Mexican rice bowl as you’ve always wanted.