Pomelo in a bowl.
What Is A Pomelo Fruit, And How Is It Distinct From Grapefruit?

Pomelos look like supersized grapefruits with a gradient ranging from yellowish to light lime green. It is one of three OG citrus fruits from which all others descend.

Some refer to a pomelo as a cousin of a grapefruit, but it is more like a grandparent. Pomelos have a similar but lighter flavor than their grapefruit descendants.

They still have tartness, but they lean more sweet than bitter and acidic. Opt for grapefruit when you want a punchier taste and pomelos when you want something milder.

Pomelos are also larger than grapefruits, with a diameter ranging from 6 to 10 inches. Grapefruits may have a diameter of six inches at their largest.

The pith of grapefruit is considered thick compared to other citrus fruits. It is significantly thinner than a pomelo, which can be more than half an inch wide.

The texture of the skin of both fruits is similar, but grapefruit skin can warm to shades of orange and pink. Both fruits have skin rich in aromatic oils.