A bowl of cornichons
What Is A Cornichon And How Does It Taste?
Cornichons, or “gherkins” in English, are tiny, tangy pickles with bumpy skin and a unique flavor profile that can include peppercorns, fresh dill, and many other herbs and spices.
Their briny, sharp taste, mild tang, and satisfying crunch make cornichons an ideal accompaniment to cheese and charcuterie boards, meat terrines, and as a cocktail garnish.
Cornichons begin life as gherkin cucumbers. Small, bright green, and bumpy, they are a naturally petite species, but are harvested while young and between one and two inches long.
The cucumbers are first soaked in salt to remove excess water, then bathed in vinegar before being cooked, cooled, and sealed in jars with added herbs, spices or other vegetables.
Although they are easy to make at home, you won’t need to. Their popularity means they are widely available in larger supermarket chains, usually in the international aisle.