Beef knuckle kebabs with rosemary on a grill
What Is A Beef Knuckle And What Can You Do With It?
A beef cut that often causes confusion is the beef knuckle, as this versatile and popular cut is also known as the sirloin tip, thick flank, or ball tip, depending on your locale.
The beef knuckle, located above the cow's knee, is part of the larger beef round. Weighing between 9 to 15 pounds, the cut offers a lean yet sizable option for meat lovers.
Despite its reputation for toughness, beef knuckle represents an economical and flavorful choice. It’s well suited for braising, making ground beef, or quick-cooking steaks.
Cooking methods vary from low-and-slow braises to quick, high-heat methods. To prepare beef knuckle, remove the connective tissue and separate the meat into its main muscle groups.
As a lean cut, beef knuckle benefits from marinating and tenderizing. You can use a marinade with natural tenderizing enzymes or employ mechanical techniques to enhance texture.
Beef knuckle is an economical choice for various dishes, from hearty stews to quick-seared steaks. Its versatility invites a creative approach to preparation and cooking.