What Gordon Ramsay Would Eat For His Ideal Last Meal
During an interview with chef Josh Scherer from “Mythical Kitchen,” celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay was asked to share his ideal last meal.
The chef and TV host broke his last meal into four courses. His first meal was an English breakfast, similar to the one he had with his father before he passed away.
Ramsay’s English breakfast included his soft scrambled eggs with winter truffles recipe, roasted cherry tomatoes, bread, hash browns, beans, mushrooms, and several types of pork.
For the second course, Ramsay chose butter chicken, garlic naan, basmati rice, and Buffalo chicken wings with an In-N-Out Double-Double, animal style.
Ramsay's third course was medium rare beef Wellington with a gin and tonic. It was layered with mushroom duxelles, prosciutto, chive crepes, and puff pastry.
The final course had two desserts: a gorgeous, sticky, toffee pudding with a vanilla ice cream quenelle and a deep-fried Mars bar.
Ramsay recalled how the battered and fried Mars bar became part of the Scottish diet, setting Scottish cuisine back decades, but felt it was appropriate to have at his last meal.