A can of SPAM on a plate.
What Does SPAM Actually Stand For?

Since SPAM's introduction, there have been many myths spread about the processed meat product as it's grown in popularity. Many of these revolve around the origin of SPAM's name.

The closest thing to an official statement about the name is on Hormel's website which states that "[o]ne popular belief says it's derived from the words 'spiced ham.'"

The SPAM museum tells the story of a product naming contest that was won by actor Kenneth Digneau, who first combined letters from 'spiced' and 'ham' to make SPAM.

The real meaning of the name is lost to history. The only thing that is clear is that there have been plenty of guesses at what SPAM stands for.

According to Mental Floss, at one point Hormel claimed that it stood for "shoulder of pork and ham.” Other explanations for the acronym range from humorous to gross.

These names include Scientifically Processed Animal Matter, Salt Preserves Any Meat, Stuff Posing As Meat, and the simple but pointedly unpleasant Spoiled Ham.