Nigella seeds in a scoop with a bottle of oil
What Are Nigella Seeds?
Seeds, an often overlooked ingredient, are rich in nutrients, flavor, color, and texture. While flax and chia have surged in popularity, nigella seeds remain largely unknow
Nigella seeds are rich in antioxidants and possess proven antibacterial properties. In their native North Africa, they have been used as a traditional remedy for fever and coughs.
Offering a complex, bitter to nutty taste, nigella seeds contain hints of oregano, black pepper, and burnt onion. Their crunchy texture pairs well with soft, warm breads like naan.
Produced by Nigella sativa plants, the seeds look similar to black sesame. They are used in curries, rice, vegetables, and pickles across India, North Africa, and the Middle East.
Beyond their traditional uses, nigella seeds can enhance everyday meals including eggs, pancakes, and salads. They even feature in cookery writer Nigella Lawson's recipes.