Long-necked avocados sliced.
What Are Long-Neck Avocados And Why Are They So Expensive?!

The long-neck avocado is a supersized and unique cousin of the avocados you usually find at your local supermarket.

Stretching over 13 inches in length, these enormous avocados are named for their "long necks" — the part of the fruit that extends more than half a foot beyond the area surrounding the pit.

Some online purveyors offer these avocados for around $97 for three to five pounds, but their price tag reflects their rarity.

This high cost arises from the limited quantity of these jumbo-sized fruits. This variety is not commercially cultivated on large farms.

The long-neck avocado is grown by small producers in the Caribbean Islands and parts of South Florida. Additionally, the harvest season is short, spanning from July to September.