A century egg cut into sections with the inside on display
What Are Century Eggs And Are They Really 100 Years Old?
Century eggs, also known as pidan, are a Chinese delicacy known for their distinctive odor, color, and flavor. Though they are preserved eggs, they are not one hundred years old.
Made from duck, chicken or quail eggs, they are cured for weeks to months wrapped in a mixture of clay, ash, salt, and lime — a technique thought to have been discovered by chance.
The curing process dramatically transforms the eggs. It darkens the whites, changes the yolk's texture and color, and gives them their pungent aroma and complex flavor.
Century eggs from reliable producers are safe to eat. They are enjoyed in a variety of dishes, including dim sum, or as a snack with pickled ginger, or with soy sauce and beer.
Despite their strange appearance and unfamiliar taste, century eggs have been a celebrated part of Chinese cuisine for centuries, offering a culinary adventure worth exploring.