A closeup of Finish Long Drinks in a bucket.
What Actually Is A Finnish Long Drink?
The Finnish Long Drink might sound like slang for a hot Scandinavian, but it's actually a cocktail with a history that blends local Finnish ingredients with maximum efficiency.
Also known as lonkero, this drink is made from Finnish gin, grapefruit, citrus, and water. It was first developed in 1952 for the Helsinki Summer Olympics.
The beverage gets its name from the highball glass used, similar to how "Long Drink" is used for highballs or mixed drinks in many northern European countries.
It was designed by the Finnish beverage company Hartwall, and by 1956, it was the third highest-selling drink in Helsinki.
Hartwall described the drink as a lighter, more effervescent take on a Greyhound cocktail. As of 2023, it is ranked as the fastest-growing spirit in the world.
It took decades for the drink to make it to America, but since 2018, the Long Drink company has opened up this Scandinavian staple to a broader audience.