Wendy's Frosty Cold Brew drinks.
Wendy's 3 Sweet Flavors Of Frosty Cream Cold Brew

Wendy's offers their Frosty Cream Cold Brew in three flavors — vanilla, chocolate, or caramel. These drinks feature the creamy component used to make the iconic Frosty.

The drink starts with cold-brewed coffee, adds in creamer made from the vanilla-flavored Frosty, and your choice of vanilla, chocolate, or caramel syrup, all stirred over ice.

Wendy's Global Vice President of Culinary Innovation John Li told Food Republic, “It's a better balance of flavors overall, and we're excited for fans to get their hands on it!"

The Frosty Cream Cold Brew is a permanent fixture on the menu, and the drink will be available all day long.