Crispy bacon strips on a plate
Use Water When Cooking Your Bacon For Texture Perfection
Due to bacon’s moisture and high-fat content, a pan of frying bacon can cause hot-oil splatters, and often, by the time its fat fully crisps up, the meat turns too dry and crumbly.
However, cooking bacon with water in a pan minimizes any splattering and lets you fry your bacon without burning the meat, yielding tender and crispy bacon with much less mess.
Aside from preventing oil splatters, the water helps dissolve the bacon fat and renders it from the strips before boiling away, leaving you with strips that are easier to crisp.
The water keeps the bacon’s meat from drying out, resulting in a crisp exterior and tender interior. To start, lay your bacon flat on a frying pan and add enough water to cover it.
Set the pan on high heat and lower it to medium when the water starts boiling. Once the water evaporates, turn the heat to low and allow the bacon to crisp in the dry pan.
Flip the bacon when necessary and turn off the heat when the bacon’s done to your liking. Since the water requires lower heat to crisp the bacon up, there will be minimal splatter.