A nearly empty jar of jam with two spoons in it
Turn Your Almost-Empty Jam Jar Into A Cocktail Shaker
If your jam jar has just enough leftover jam that you don't want to throw away but not enough for a sandwich or scone, turn it into a cocktail shaker using a few simple steps.
Add ice cubes to the jar, pour in your chosen cocktail ingredients, and shake to your heart's content. The remnants of jam will add a natural sweetness and thickness to your drink.
There’s an array of spirits and concoctions that pair well with jam. For example, some gin, a squeeze of lemon juice, and that last spoonful of jam can work wonders inside the jar.
Be it mixed berry, blackberry, strawberry, or elderberry, any jam or jelly flavor will taste great with gin. You could also pair orange marmalade with gin and orange bitters.
For whiskey lovers, make a fig jam cocktail with rye whiskey, lemon juice, fig jam, and simple syrup. Shaking up a whiskey sour with a dollop of marmalade is another good option.

To make a fizzy jam and prosecco cocktail, go for vodka, blueberry jam, prosecco, and lemon juice. If you love tequila, try shaking your next margarita in your favorite jar of jam.