Pumpkin smoothie in a glass with straw
Turn Canned Pumpkin Into A Creamy Smoothie With 2 Ingredients

Blending canned pumpkin with ice and milk or yogurt results in a smoothie that offers warm spices, earthy sweetness, and creamy richness without breaking out a mixing bowl.

You can use pre-made pumpkin pie filling straight out of the can, but if your filling contains raw eggs, bake it in a small oven-safe dish until set. Or, cook it in the microwave.

Once cooked and cooled, dump the pumpkin mix in the blender with milk or yogurt and some ice and blitz until smooth. As a good rule of thumb, use equal parts filling and dairy.

Opt for yogurt when using uncooked, egg-free filling to keep the smoothie from becoming runny. Whatever dairy you use, add a little at a time until you get the desired consistency.

When using unsweetened pumpkin pureé, add a sweetener like maple syrup, honey, brown sugar, pumpkin butter, or condensed milk, or opt for sweetened nut milk or vanilla yogurt.