layered birthday cake
Turn Boxed Cake Mix Into A Bakery-Worthy Creation And Skip The Oil

When it's time to bake a cake, buying a boxed cake mix could help you prepare your dessert quickly and easily, and you can improve it by adding butter instead of vegetable oil.

Use a 1:1 ratio of melted butter for a flavorful swap, or one stick per half a cup of vegetable oil. Allow the melted butter to cool down before mixing in the other ingredients.

Since oil and butter are both forms of fat, they'll function the same in the cake batter. The major benefit of this swap is that it adds richness and a nutty flavor to your cake.

In desserts like angel food cake or vanilla pound cakes, this subtle palate shift may make a more noticeable difference, such as developing a more tender texture.

If you wind up adding too much melted butter and the cake batter is extra runny, you can fix it by adding some extra cake flour and an extra egg to achieve the right texture.