Rosemary sprig in a glass of cocktail
TikTok's Rosemary Hack For Mini Christmas Tree Cocktails
TikTok is here with yet another hack to add more festivity to your holiday fun that's all about Christmas-tizing your cocktails using rosemary, a string, a glass, and water.
Start by positioning a large rosemary sprig in the middle of a cocktail glass. Then, using a string, tie and tape the sprig's top to each side of the glass to keep it in place.
Fill the glass’s bottom — about a quarter of the way up — with water and add ingredients like coconut syrup, edible glitter, or shredded coconut to give it a snowy or shiny effect.
Then, freeze the glass so that the rosemary stays upright in a solid block of ice. Remove the string, and pour a cocktail that’s clear or very light in color over the block of ice.
You’ll end up with a mini makeshift Christmas tree in the middle of your glass of cocktail. If you want to level things up even more, try dusting the rim of the glass with sugar.