Three glasses of shrimp cocktail
TikTok's Festive New Way To Serve Shrimp Cocktail

Seen in the 70s, TikToker wishbonekitchen created a shrimp cocktail tree inspired by her aunt, who makes this adorable appetizer each Christmas.

To make one, purchase a cone-shaped styrofoam form from a craft store, and ensure it has at least a five-inch base or secure it to something heavier, like a plate.

Use curly kale to cover the surface, securing the leaves with toothpicks. Place peeled, deveined, cooked shrimp around the tree using decorative toothpicks.

Spanish olives and cherry tomatoes can be added like ornaments, just place them from bottom to top. Secure a ribbon on the top of the tree and keep cold until ready to serve.

The Federal Department of Agriculture advises against leaving seafood at room temperature for more than two hours. Serve the shrimp tree with a classic cocktail sauce.