A closeup of two opened cans of tuna.
The Worst Place In Your Kitchen To Store Canned Tuna
You might believe that canned tuna is tough enough to withstand just about anything, but there are areas of your kitchen that will spell disaster for it.
In fact, leaving cans to sit on the counter by your stovetop might be one of the sneakiest and most detrimental food storage mistakes you can make.
Exposure to heat, specifically temperatures above 100 degrees F, can accelerate the decomposition and quality loss of your tinned tuna, even when the cans are sealed shut.
Another reason to keep your canned tuna away from your kitchen counter is exposure to stray puddles of water from the kitchen sink.
Water exposure can be harmful to both the exterior and the interior of your tinned tuna, and keeping cans off the kitchen counter protects them from heat and moisture.
A cool, dark, and dry place is the best place for your canned tuna. It ensures they are not ruined by the time you need to whip up a quick tuna salad or casserole.