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The World's Oldest Pub Has Been Around Since 900 AD

Sean's Bar is the world’s oldest pub and has a long, fascinating history. It’s located in the town of Athlone, Ireland, nestled on the border of counties Westmeath and Roscommon.

Around 900 AD, it was recorded that a man named Luain Mac Luighdeach built an Inn by the famous Áth Mor (The Great Fjord) aka the Ford of Great Antiquity on the river Shannon.

The original building still operates as a pub and has been certified as the oldest in Ireland by the Guinness Book of World Records, but it may also be the oldest in the world.

Sean's wears the title proudly, embracing its old-world architecture and historic features. It’s a favorite stop for tourists and anyone looking for immersive Irish history.

Sean Fitzsimons, who bought and renamed the business in 1968, is the latest in a long line of owners who have kept the gathering place in operation these many years.

Renovations to the property in the 1970s unearthed building materials that date back to the 9th century AD, which archaeologists confirmed by carbon dating samples from the walls.