Cups of lemon sorbet with garnish
The Way Your Favorite Canned Fruit Can Double As One-Ingredient Sorbet
Fruit sorbet is made by churning simple syrup and fruit together. Since canned fruit is basically fruit preserved in syrup, it doubles as a ready-to-use sorbet mixture.
With no other additions, you can turn frozen, canned fruit into a sorbet by churning it in a Ninja Creami. Use a food processor or blender in case you don’t own a churning gadget.
To start, freeze an unopened can of fruit for at least 12 hours before dunking it in hot tap water and opening it. Once the frozen cylinder of fruit slides out, cut it into pieces.
You can use a sharp knife or kitchen shears for the job. Lastly, blend the pieces in a blender until smooth, periodically scraping the sides with a rubber spatula to help it along.
If you want to avoid handling a frozen cylinder of fruit, blend the canned fruit in the blender and freeze it in ice cube trays. Blitz the frozen cubes whenever you crave sorbet.