Three green onions
The Way To Store Green Onions To Last Longer In The Fridge
Once you remove the rubber band in which your green onions came wrapped, rinse them thoroughly, and pat them completely dry, you have two options for storing them in the fridge.
The first option is to cut off the roots, halve the stalks, and wrap them in a dry paper towel or one spritzed with water, ensuring the cut areas are covered but not squashed.
Then, place the bundle inside a small plastic bag and store it in your refrigerator. Unwrap the onions weekly and wipe off any excess moisture they may have generated over time.
Alternatively, you can submerge the roots in a glass jar filled with about an inch of cold water and place the jar inside a plastic bag with the opening facing up.
The stalks will remain intact as long as you change the water daily. Be sure not to add too much water to the jar because excessive moisture can make the onions slimy and rotten.
When you need the onions, cut the tops and leave the roots to continue growing. You can also set the jar on a windowsill without a plastic bag, allowing the sun to help them grow.