An oven with its door open
The Way To Clean Your Oven With A Bowl Of Lemon Water
With drippings of grease everywhere and stubborn burnt bits stuck to the racks, ovens are the nastiest things to clean in the kitchen, but a bowl of lemon water can assist you.
A dirty oven may seem intimidating to clean, but popping sliced lemons into a bowl of water and placing the bowl in a preheated oven set to around 350 degrees Fahrenheit can help.
Some suggest leaving it for an hour to work. As the citrus solution heats up, it will loosen all the stubborn gunk, which can be scrubbed off with a rag dipped in the hot solution.
Lemons contain citric acid, which is what allows lemon water to wash stubborn stains off your oven. It can also remove lingering smells and combat foodborne bacteria.