Halloween candies spilling from bucket
The Way To Calculate The Exact Amount Of Halloween Candy You Need To Buy
The only thing worse than buying too much Halloween candy is buying too little. However, with a little arithmetic, you can easily determine the exact amount of candy you’ll need.
Released in 2021 by food company and confectionery giant Mars Wrigley and same-day delivery service Shipt, the candy calculation helps predict how much candy a household will need.
To know how many candy bags your household needs, multiply the hours you'll spend passing out candies times how many kids you’re expecting times how many candies each kid will get.
Then, multiply how many days until Halloween times your household size times the average number of pieces each family member will eat per day. Add the two resulting numbers.
Lastly, divide the amount by how many candies are in each pack you’re buying. If rain is expected, divide the total of everything by 1.5 to predict the number of bags you’ll need.