Celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis at an event.
The Way Giada De Laurentiis Sweetens Her Tomatoes In 20 Seconds

To amp up a tomato's natural sweetness before adding it to a caprese salad, chef Giada De Laurentiis likes to throw them on the grill for about 20 seconds.

Similar to roasting, grilling concentrates the tomato's sweetness by breaking down its sugars. Caramelization creates depth and adds a new flavor profile.

Start by rinsing and drying a ripe (not overripe) tomato. Large varieties should be cored and sliced across the equator, while small varieties should be left whole.

Preheat the grill to 350 degrees Fahrenheit to caramelize the tomato's sugar. Blot the tomatoes with a paper towel to absorb water and allow for caramelization.

Brush with olive oil and season with kosher salt and black pepper. Grill for ten seconds, then flip, grill the other side for ten, season with salt and pepper, and enjoy.