A passenger eating on a flight.
The Unstated Etiquette For Eating Hot Food On An Airplane

Airplane food is often overpriced, so passengers often bring their own. However, there are some unspoken etiquette rules around what you should and shouldn't bring on board.

The best etiquette is to fully avoid bringing hot food onto the plane as you may be subjecting the whole cabin to the scent of a burger.

If you must have a hot dish, opt for less-pungent meals. You'll especially want to avoid greasy fast food, fish, eggs, and intense ingredients like garlic, onion, or blue cheese.

Try to fit in your hot meal before you get on the plane. You'll have a wider variety of menu choices and be able to enjoy your meal with more space.

The best idea is to grab something cold or shelf-stable for the flight, such as sandwiches or salads. Keep it simple, and your fellow passengers will thank you.