Man looking at his phone while dining at a restaurant
The Unspoken Etiquette For Where To Put Your Phone At The Dinner Table
Although cell phone etiquette seems obvious to most, these devices usually end up on the dinner table, often distracting us from enjoying our dining companions and annoying them.
As Myka Meier, founder of Beaumont Etiquette at The Plaza Hotel in NYC, noted in an Instagram video caption, "If it's not a part of the meal, then it doesn't go [on the table]."
Although texting at a café where you're working for the day is okay, it's best to leave your phone on silent in your purse, pants, or jacket when at a formal restaurant.
However, scenarios may arise when you must be easily accessible. In such cases, silence your phone or put it on vibrate and tell your companions why you're keeping it out.
Short of someone requiring medical attention, no situation warrants making a call from the table. If you get an urgent call, excuse yourself from the table and answer it outside.
This etiquette also applies to being a dinner guest at someone's home, even if it's a casual environment. Show the host and fellow guests you value their time by being present.