Fresh young spinach leaves
The Unique Way To Store Spinach For Added Freshness
Spinach, a nutrient-dense and versatile leafy green, often falls victim to quick spoilage, leaving many wondering how to store spinach leaves without them turning soggy or limp.
Many stores present fresh spinach in sealed plastic packages, accelerating spoilage. To help keep it fresh, allow air to circulate and reduce the moisture.
After purchasing, remove the spinach from the plastic packaging as soon as possible, place it in a paper towel-lined container to absorb moisture, and store it in the fridge.
Buying fresh bunches and drying off excess moisture will also help prolong freshness. If only plastic-packed is available, check that there's no moisture at the bottom of the bag.
Wilted spinach can be refreshed with an ice-water soak before cooking, but you should only wash spinach before you cook it instead of rinsing it before storing it.
For longer storage, freeze the spinach after blanching to preserve it for up to six months, offering a practical solution for those who buy in bulk or use the vegetable infrequently.