A dozen eggs in a teal carton
The Unique Vending Machines That Provide Easy Access To Fresh Eggs

Vending machines nowadays are stocked with items you would never expect to see trapped behind the glass, and that idea has been expanded even further to include farm-fresh eggs.

Egg vending machines are like hotel safes or an old-fashioned Automat, where inserting money pops a door open, allowing you to slide a carton of eggs from its own little shelf.

These egg vending machines come to us via Wise Acre Farms in Windsor, California, where fresh eggs have been available in an air-conditioned vending machine since 2016.

Glaum Egg Ranch, also in California, has similar machines that come with a built-in chicken puppet show and offer seasonally-attired chicken puppets when you insert the cash.

Most other known egg vending machines are found in Japan, where they’ve been used since at least 2014, and the British Isles, thanks to the egg vending machines company Eggspress.

While some machines do let you pick your own eggs, like Mummy Barrow in the UK, most others, like Oona Eggs in Northern Ireland, open the next available door when you insert money.